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Experience means success.

When it comes to acqui­si­tions, disposals or succession issues, or whether it’s a management buy-in or management buy-out – all these areas have something in common: They are defined by indivi­duality and complexity. Because every company is different.

This is what makes personal and compre­hensive consulting so important. Only an organised and well-struc­tured M&A process leads to a successful transaction.

No matter what your change process is, the M&A has to be well planned, strictly imple­mented and pragma­ti­cally monitored by experi­enced experts. And it is just these experts that allow busines­speople to see their own companies objec­tively. Experts give busines­speople valuable advice on the valuation of their companies and on the negotiation strategy in the transaction process.

So that you can continue to focus on your core business during the transaction, our consul­tants actively monitor and coordinate the entire project process:

  • the syste­matic analysis and positioning of your company
  • selecting and conta­cting investors and companies
  • the optimal management of the sales process (including through investor competition)
  • the coordi­nation of the due diligence process
  • assis­tance in purchase agreement negotiations
  • devising a viable strategy including a financing solution through our network partners (e.g. banks, financial investors)

Our indepen­dence and our years of experience give you a clear advantage – even in difficult negotiating situations.