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Growth needs capital

Your business should grow. To do that, you need funding. Whether you want to boost your equity (e.g. capital increase by issuing shares to third parties), raise borrowed capital (e.g. bank loans)or secure mezzanine finance (e.g. silent invest­ments), Consul­ting­Kontor will create the financial foundation for the intended growth of your company.

The services we offer include:

  • Contact with a variety of national and inter­na­tional investors (e.g. private equity companies, family offices, private investors) in search of investment opportunities
  • Support in raising mezzanine capital
  • Bespoke outside financing (including through long-term coope­ration with several banks)
  • Help in securing subsidies 

Thanks to our many years of work on the investment side as well, we have special expertise for targeted capital procurement.

Several examples of successful corporate finance projects can be found here.